1. Easy Steps To Becoming More Productive

    Whether we are still working from home or running a small business, individuals are always trying to find new ways to stay productive. There is no such thing as "wasting time" because we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some hours are used productively while others use the time to watch videos o…Read More

  2. Benefits of College Savings

    COVD-19 put a pause on the college lifestyle but not how expensive it could be. Our lifestyle and how we live our lives could change in an instant. We have to be ready for anything that life throws at us. Many of us have already built a foundation for our lives but our children are at most risk for …Read More

  3. 5 Health Insurance Myths

    Health insurance can be confusing and stressful. With so many terms and different plans, it is easy to get confused. Not all health insurance plans are the same and some other more expensive than others. At Comfort Insurance and Finance we have a team ready to help and answer any question you might …Read More

  4. Women: 5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor When You Turn 40

    For women, turning 40 is now the new 30. Staying up-to-date on your health will be a major factor in maintaining longevity. "Aging anxieties aside, many women become more confident, less self-critical and start to enjoy greater stability in their lives than ever before." As you celebrate life after …Read More

  5. Men: 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You Turn 40

    40 is a huge milestone and should be celebrated properly. While turning 40 brings many benefits it also brings many health complications that you should aware of. Knowing your family's health history is important to keep in mind while talking to your doctor. We thought turning 30 was scary but at th…Read More

  6. Making Eating Fun: 5 Tips for Parents

    The COVID-19 pandemic challenged every aspect of how we live our lives. The way we communicate, purchase essentials items, and eat is completely different. Have we let our diet change for the worse because of quarantine? We are spending more money on take-out and fast food because it's more convenie…Read More

  7. What to Expect During The 2021 Tax Season

    2020 brought the Coronavirus pandemic and left millions of Americans without jobs. Unemployment payments reached historical highs. The U.S. government passed two relief income packages in 2020. As many Americans continue to suffer during this pandemic, the IRS is requesting all working individuals t…Read More