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What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

An Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy (IUL) offers nontaxable cash accumulation options for your retirement while keeping a death benefit. IUL policies give you permanent life insurance protection while helping you accumulate cash for the future that very well may be tax-exempt.

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The Benefits of Indexed Universal Life Insurance

  • Cash value

  • Low premiums

  • Tax-free growth and distributions

    • With an IUL, you will not be required to pay taxes on the money you withdraw from its cash value​

  • No limits on contributions and growth

  • Flexibility

    • You can adjust monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions​

    • Risk is also flexible, depending on how much risk you want to take

  • The policyholder has a permanent death benefit

    • These are not subjected to death or income taxes and do not go through probate​

    • The accumulated cash value can also be added to the tax-free payments given to the beneficiaries

    • Cash value can be accessed at any time without incurring penalties

    • Overall lower risk as the money is not invested directly in the stock market

Frequently Asked Questions

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