Our products and services include the following:

  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Plans
  • Disability
  • Medicare
  • Life Insurance
  • College Funds
  • Retirement
  • Credit Repair

Your Legacy: How Many Lives Will You Touch?

At the end of the day, we all want to feel useful. We want to know that the work we do matters, and that we’ve touched and improved someone’s life in some way.

So the question for you is this: How many lives will you touch and improve as an agent with Comfort Insurance & Finances?

The potential is great! It’s up to you to figure out and decide your legacy. Why not take steps today to starting a legacy you can be proud of? As an agent with us, you’ll be helping person after person navigate the often confusing health insurance landscape. With your invaluable help, they’ll find just the products they need, at prices they can afford.

YOU can make a difference in many lives!

The Benefits Of Working From Home

Do you dream of working from home? Wherever you live, in any of the 50 U.S. states, you can become a part of our family and work from the comfort and convenience of your own home, or wherever you may find yourself.

There are countless benefits to working from home, and these are just a few of them:

  • Flexible Hours: Create your own schedule.
  • Family Time: Be there for your kids and family.
  • Work From Anywhere: Work from home, your favorite coffee shop, the beach, wherever!
  • Wear What You Want: You don’t need a business suit at home.
  • No Commuting: Never get stuck in rush-hour traffic again.
  • Freedom: There’s no boss breathing down your neck.
  • Sense of Ownership: You get to build your own business.
  • Take Breaks When You Want: You get to call the shots.

Without a doubt, you’ll discover even more benefits after you’ve worked from home for a while. In all likelihood, you’ll never want to go back to full-time work in an office setting ever again!

Ideal For At-home Parents

Are you an at-home parent? Working from home can be the solution you’re looking for, and becoming an insurance agent with us can bring you the income you need to support your family while being able to spend more time with them. Think of how much money you’ll be saving when you don’t have to pay for daycare for your kids!

Make Money!

Once you’ve come up to speed, there is the potential to make a great deal of money in insurance. That’s because everyone needs it! The customer base is virtually limitless, and so is your potential for growth and for making the kind of money you need to live well.

A Great Career Regardless Of Your Background

It really doesn’t matter what your background is. We firmly believe that anyone with basic skills and the will to succeed while helping others can do well in this industry!

That’s because we’re not so much in the business of selling products; we’re in the business of improving lives, and EVERYONE is capable of making a difference!

It Starts With A Desire To Help Others

The driving force behind our insurance agents is a burning desire to help others. It’s about learning valuable information that you can then share with people who desperately need it for their wellbeing. As an insurance broker with Comfort, you will have access to facts and plans that can bring financial order into the lives of many, as well as peace of mind to those who need health insurance but don’t know how to get an affordable plan.

That’s where YOU come in. You will be trained and empowered so that, in turn, you can empower others to take better control of their destinies.

The starting point, always, is a deeply embedded desire to help others and make a positive difference in their lives. How does this sound to you?

Motivated To Succeed

With that desire to help in place, the next level is motivation to succeed. To succeed in providing others the information they need to find the right solution. To succeed in creating YOUR own path to the present and future you want for yourself. To succeed in gaining mastery and skills that will benefit everyone you come in contact with. This motivation can take you places you never even dreamed of!

Are You Ready To Become Your Own Boss?

Who doesn’t want to work for themselves? There are so many perks to being your own boss. They include the following:

  • No Micromanagement: There’s no boss telling you what to do every step of the way.
  • You Call The Shots: You are the one who creates your schedule and decides what to work on at any given moment.
  • Improved Efficiency: With just a little organization, you can make your workday as streamlined as possible.
  • Less Time Wasted: You don’t need to attend boring meetings or sit on conference calls that may not even pertain to you!
  • Work-Life Balance: Working from home, you can make more time for the kids and fit in all those errands that need to get done.
  • Forge Your Own Path: Whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a side gig, being an agent for us lets you forge your own career path.

Multiple Income Streams Possible

While health insurance makes up a large, important segment of our business, it’s not the only one. There’s so much more! You can create multiple income streams for yourself through our other financial offerings, which include disability income insurance, life insurance plans, retirement planning, credit repair services, and more.

Grow At Your Own Pace

Whatever time you have available, you can grow at your own pace. Begin working as an insurance agent part-time while you continue with your other full-time job; when you’ve built up your business to the point where you’re comfortable with the number of leads you have and the financial success you’ve achieved, you can say goodbye to your old job and do this for a living instead!

Why Choose Comfort Insurance?

There are many reasons to go with us, and we’ll provide a few of them here. Feel free to call us to learn about more benefits you can enjoy when you decide to become an insurance agent with us.

  • We’ll work closely with you! We want you to succeed.
  • You’ll get ample training. We give you the tools you need to make money.
  • We have great leads. Join our team and we’ll work with you on lead generation!
  • We’re about changing lives. We’re a people first business … people matter!
  • You’ll learn great new things! We’re here to teach and empower you!

What It’s Really All About

So what is this business about? Yes, it’s about numbers and plans. It’s about finances and responsibility. But most of all, it’s about connecting with people and creating community. Is this something you’d like to do? Would you like to co-create your own community of success built upon integrity, reliability, and trust?

It’s About Helping Families

Being an insurance agent with Comfort Insurance is about helping families. We strive to assist all of the underserved communities to make sure everyone gets the medical insurance plan that’s right for them. We offer everything from short-term plans our clients can rely on in-between jobs, to cost-saving medical plans designed to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and other great plans, too!

It’s About Empowering Yourself

At the same time that you’re helping people get the medical insurance plans they need, you’re empowering yourself by creating your own career path, on your own terms. As you network, you’ll be building up a clientele that will come back to you again and again for plan renewals and to search for better products.

It’s About Making A Difference!

We can’t stress this enough; you’ll be making a world of difference in the lives of the individuals and families you represent! You’ll wake up each day fired up to get to work, knowing that you are making a positive difference for your clients.

Take Control Of Your Future

So what are you waiting for? Contact Comfort Insurance today to discover how you can embark on an exciting new career as a health insurance broker and start taking charge of your life while making a positive difference for others!

Reach Out To Comfort Insurance

Simply contact us via our form on this page, or call us (we are on East Coast time). Tell us of your interest to work as an agent for us, and we’ll go from there! Or if you prefer, go to the contact page on our site and fill out our convenient online form. Reach out to us today!

We’re Looking For Bilingual Brokers!

Oh, and one more thing: We’re always in search of excellent agents who are bilingual! If you speak Spanish or any other language in addition to mastering English, we want to hear from you. Many of our clients and potential customers enjoy speaking with someone in their own native language.

If you do speak Spanish, we invite you to take a look at our video below. Then, when you’re ready, reach out to Comfort Insurance & Finances to take those important first steps to your new career in insurance!