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Four of the strangest insurance policies that exist!

While we are all familiar with the typical insurance policies such as health, life, home, and auto. There have been a few outlandish insurance policies in recent years that may surprise you.

1. Body Part Insurance

Yup, you read correctly; there is a specific type of insurance known as Body Part Insurance. Body Part Insurance is a type of insurance that covers a particular part of your body that is imperative to your livelihood. Examples of this can be seen with JLo's butt being insured for $27 million or Keith Richard's hands for $2 million.

While insuring a specific part of your body is typically done by celebrities and the famous, it is not limited to them. A good example of someone who could insure a body part of their, would be a surgeon who would insure their hands as without them or their capabilities, they would no longer be able to perform and continue their livelihood.

Though this type of insurance may exist, it is not one that you could ask GEICO or All State to provide. Instead, your best chance of getting a part of your body insured would come from Lloyd's of London, which has experience in this type of insurance.

2. Alien Abduction Insurance

The world is dangerous, and with the recent UFO sightings, the universe might be as well. Alien Abduction insurance might not protect you from being abducted, but it will help provide peace of mind. Knowing that should the little gray men come to whisk you into the sky, then upon your return, you will be compensated. Like the previous insurance, not many insurance agencies offer this type of insurance, but Lloyd's of London does, as does the UFO Abduction Insurance agency based in Florida. Should you feel inclined and worried that Martians are arriving soon, you can insure yourself or a loved one for a lifetime policy of up to $10 million for $20 a month!

3. “Monsters” Insurance

While not technically actual insurance, monsters insurance is a category in which we place the outlandish insurances for Ghost, Zombies, and the Loch Ness Monster. Yes, the Loch Ness Monster.

Ghost insurance is a type of insurance that either homeowners or business owners take as a precaution when they find out their property is haunted! You can't sue a ghost, right? So for any damage that ghost may cause you, your guests, or your property.

Zombies, it's always Zombies! Zombie insurance was made to protect you and your property in case of a zombie apocalypse. Should society crumble, and your insurance agency outlasts the undead horde, compensation will come your way.

Loch Ness Monster insurance is quite deceiving in its name. Rather than be insurance that would protect you from the monster, it is insurance requested by a company that offers a large reward for finding the beast. Offering 1.5 million for bringing Nessy (Loch Ness Monster) alive, the company then made an insurance policy to cover any potential losses from placing the offer. To this date, no one has turned over Nessy to the authorities.

4. “Cold Feet” Insurance

Marriage is a give and take, all about compromise and, of course, showing up at the altar. Yet when all the planning is done, and there are only moments till the wedding, you find a letter in the sock drawer saying that your significant other can't go through with the marriage and has run off to Mexico for the time being. With “cold feet” insurance, Daddy can get all the money he poured into your dream wedding and hunt down the son of a gun who ran off to Mexico.

I know you'd prefer to get the money and vacation in the Greek isles living the Mama Mia life, but this insurance policy requires an innocent party financier to get the money for what they financed. Just in case of anything, give Daddy the card to Wedsure and see the worry drop from his face when planning the wedding of your dreams.


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