Healthcare Plans For Your And Your Family’s Peace Of Mind

We understand that you need a healthcare plan that provides you and your family with the peace of mind you want, for the coverage your family needs.

While many people get their health insurance plans through work, this is not always a viable option, nor is it the best choice for everyone. Every year, for a wide range of reasons, more and more people are choosing to shop for personal health insurance through the private market.

These are just a few of the reasons people opt for private medical insurance:

  • Coverage is not available through work
  • They work part-time jobs and do not qualify for employer coverage
  • They are self-employed and need private insurance
  • Their work-provided coverage is insufficient to cover their (and their family’s) needs
  • As college students, they need an individual plan
  • While they qualify for Medicare, they also need supplemental insurance for additional expenses
  • They are unemployed and need coverage in-between jobs

Changing Work Options

Increasingly, work and life situations are changing, with flexibility becoming a key feature of the transforming job landscape. But with these transitions come fewer options for employer-sponsored plans, and greater opportunities for customized private insurance plans.

At Comfort Insurance & Finances, we understand that you need choices that work for you. You want options that fit your lifestyle, working style, and other unique needs. We are prepared to offer you these options, providing medical plans that fit in with your job and life choices. If you’re retired, or you’re a student, we have great plans for you, too.

Whether you’re looking for temporary COBRA-type insurance, medicare supplement plans, individual health insurance, family healthcare, self-employed health insurance, health insurance for your kids, or any other type of private health insurance, turn to a health insurance broker that’s knowledgeable and trustworthy. Turn to Comfort Insurance & Finances.

Our Plans

Please contact us for details on the various insurance plans we offer through our partner provider. As far as medical plans to cover your needs, we offer the following primary options to serve you and your family.


al MEC Plan

This minimum essential coverage (MEC) plan works well for individuals, students, people who are self-employed, spouses and partners not covered through work, or anyone else who needs an individual medical plan. It includes:

  • Preventative Wellness
  • Telemedicine Service
  • Primary Care Physician Visits
  • Urgent Care Visits
  • An Affordable Plan For Individuals Looking For The Basics

Cost-savings Medical Plan

This medical care program is designed to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for individuals and families alike. It offers flexibility while helping members achieve higher levels of wellness through quality, cost-effective services. Here’s what’s included:

  • Preventative Wellness
  • Telemedicine Service
  • Primary Care Physician Visits
  • Urgent Care Visits
  • Lab Work
  • Prescription Discounts
  • An Affordable Plan For Couples And Families

Catastrophic Coverage Plan

This emergency care plan is designed for individuals and families who are relatively healthy but need a plan to cover them in the event of an illness or injury. This plan includes:

  • Catastrophic Coverage
  • Assistance With Emergency Costs
  • ER Benefits
  • Cost-sharing For Hospitalization, Inpatient/Outpatient Surgery
  • Telemedicine Service
  • Prescription Discounts

Comfort Insurance & Finances is poised to help you find the health insurance plans that are right for you and your family. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about any of our offerings, please contact us today!