Even though we don’t encourage waiting to the last second to getting mom her gift. We can’t help it. Life gets in the way and we don’t realize that Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We have you covered in this blog post. Remember that Amazon is your best friend at this point but with most of the country starting to open up again, it might be nice to support a local small-owned business.

We will let you know the best gifts to get mom on her special day. Remember that our mothers have done so much for us and let us never take for granted the amount of time we have with them. If the pandemic has thought us anything is that time is precious. We never know when our time or our loved ones might leave us.

Remember to give your mom, grandmother, or any special mom a big hug and show how much we appreciate them.

Apple AirPods
More ergonomic than the original AirPods, the AirPods Pros also have a noise-canceling option that may come in handy when they’re trying to enjoy their favorite audiobook, Spotify playlist, or podcast.

Floral Dress Watch
Refresh her arm candy in time for the new season. Just convince her to trade her black or brown staples for this floral face.

The design is simple, yet it holds a lot of meaning for mom and daughter. The interlocking circles symbolize the infinite bond you’ll always have, no matter what.

Amazon Prime members will get free two-day shipping on these wildly popular slippers, which have over 12,000 positive ratings. Customers rave about the quality fur and solid sole, which means your mom can wear them both indoors and outdoors.