It’s officially hurricane season. Summertime for many Floridians means the beach, outdoor activities, and plenty of hot weather. With hurricane season upon us, it’s time for us to check and prepare for the unknown. It seems like every year Florida is expected to experience a busy hurricane season. We are indeed right in the path of many hurricanes but luckily Florida has not been hit hard.


Let’s not gamble our home, safety, and family to chance. Now is the time to prepare and make sure you have the right supplies in the extreme case Florida is hit hard. Do you have food for at least a few weeks, water, batteries, or a generator?

Aside from your supplies list, there are other factors you have to make sure they’re up to date. Is your family covered if you have a medical emergency? Do you have homeowners insurance if your home is damaged? Do you have life insurance? At Comfort Insurance & Finances we help individuals and families prepare for the future and any obstacle that life will eventually throw at us.

Via NBC Miami, we have noted the top items to have ready during the annual hurricane season.

At least one gallon of water per day, per person for three to seven days
Non-perishable snacks and packaged or canned food for at least three to seven days
Manual can opener
Change of clothing, rain gear and sturdy shoes
Bedding for a small space
Prescription medications
Personal hygiene items
Special items such as food for infants, elderly or disabled family members
Garbage bags
First-aid kit
Fully charged portable electronic devices with charger
Quiet games, toys, or reading materials
Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aid with extra batteries
Pet care items, including food and water
Flashlight, battery-powered radio, and batteries
Extra set of car keys
Important documents in a waterproof container or bag
Face coverings for every member of your household
Hand sanitizer